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We stock 3 types of Oyster here at Devil’s Choice seafood.

All 3 are incredible but they do each have unique qualities which warrant a slightly different pricing structure.

Devon Oyster

Sourced from a father – son business these guys have been cultivating pacific oysters for nearly 40 years. Delicious oysters that explode with flavour.

Dorset Oyster

Our Dorset oyster comes from an aquaculturist who first set up his farm in the 1980’s.
The Portland pearl is a gem in the oyster collection although limited cultivation means we only have limited numbers every week.

Dooncastle Oyster

Dooncastle oysters was founded in 2006, it is located in Connemara Co.Galway. All their oysters are finished off in grade A waters in Galway Bay which produce a fantastic oyster for the real connoisseur.

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Per 85g

Energy 280kj
Energy 67kcal
Fat 2g
Carbohydrates 6g
Protein 6g

Source – Mens Health

Store live oysters in the salad drawer of your refridgerator and cover with a damp teatowel.

Do not immerse oysters in water.

Live oysters have a limited shelf life – consume as soon as possible from the date of delivery.

Do not keep for longer than 3 days.

Please make sure all oysters are hard closed before shucking, discard any oysters that do not hold themselves shut.