Native UK Lobster – Homarus gammarus


Live – Ethical – Delicious

Our lobsters are all pot caught from all along the Cornish and Devon coastlines.

We carefully pick our lobsters from our selected boats in order to bring you the highest quality and best tasting lobsters in the country!
All our lobster are bought together in Salcombe where they are sized, picked and packed before being loaded into our dedicated delivery van and transported straight to your door.

Lobster has a very meaty texture with a distinctive subtle flavour that leaves you wanting more after every mouthful.

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Per 100g

Energy 435kj
Energy 103kcal
Fat 1.6g
Omeg -3 300mcg
Carbohydrates (trace)
Protein 22.1g
Salt 0.83g

Source – Seafish Authority

Store live native lobster in the salad drawer of your refridgerator and cover with a damp teatowel.

Do not immerse lobster in water.

Live lobster has a limited shelf life – consume as soon as possible from the date of delivery.

Do not keep for longer than 3 days.