Welcome to Devil’s Choice

Live – Ethical – Delicious

From the day Devil’s Choice was conceived our philosophy was a simple one.
It is based on the finest produce that has been collected by the finest fishermen and delivered by the finest drivers.
I know it sounds cliche but we can’t get away from saying that we gurantee you the freshest and highest quality shellfish delivered to your door.
What sets us apart from all the rest is our produce will be on your doorstep withing 24 hours of leaving the water GUARANTEED.

What’s new?

Peter Mills....... Sustainability is one of those words that’s thrown around in our industry like salt into a pot. People use it as a sales pitch or some sort of ethical justification without actually giving any provenance to what they're...

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An Old Favourite

An Old Favourite

I think I can honestly say that I’ve held a genuine obsession for lobsters for the whole of my life. I first handled a live one, probably aged about 5, hunted for them at low-tide with my Father (at not a lot older), and constructed my first...

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Scallop Ceviche

Scallop Ceviche

A delicious and quick to prepare treat using the finest hand dived scallops, eaten raw.

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Limited delivery space available

We offer delivery in Devon, Bristol and London using our in house drivers who handle all our seafood with the respect it deserves.

Our promise


We treat our seafood like a rock star!

Our crews work tirelessly to bring the finest seafood ashore. This involves painstaking handling to make sure there is no damage to the beautiful shellfish we deliver to you.


From in house divers to local potters

Whether it’s diver caught scallops or potted lobster, all our shellfish is sourced from highly ethical local fishermen who are commited to saving our seas for future generations.


The finest produce for the greatest taste

Because all our produce is handled with such care they experience very little stress, this shines through when you taste everything from our diver picked scallops to our fresh oysters.

Our glorious leader!!

Meet Pete

He poses a unique culinary talent, passion for fresh seafood, and dedication to all aspects of the marine world.
They deserve more attention than anyone else!

And now the rest of the team

We guarantee you the best seafood, delivered daily to the dock, our divers, pickers, packers and drivers work tirelesly to make sure you get the product you deserve.